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Window Bird Feeder JCs Wildlife XX Lg Classic 15.5" holds 5.5 cups Free Shipping

Ships within 1 day with FREE shipping in the lower 48 States.
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Product Description

  • Enjoy watching wild birds up close--right at your window.
  • Feeder opening is the largest available in this size feeder
  • 4 large suction cups are the best you can buy - these are not cheap and flimsy imports (2 on top and 2 on bottom)
  • Suction cups with stainless steel screws will hold up your feeder unaffected by weather and temperature
  • This item proudly made in the USA.

Clear acrylic window bird feeder made in the USA allows you to enjoy watching the birds you love up close - including Cardinals, Bluebirds, Titmice, and Finches. Classic Window Birdfeeder Mounting Instructions & Tips Clean outside window or mounting surface before mounting. Bend suction cups back and press empty feeder firmly to window to secure, pressing until suction cups are flat against the window. If your feeder has problems staying mounted to the mounting surface, clean the suction cups with a warm damp cloth and rub the cup until warm pliable before attempting to remount. We recommend fixing our suction cups to dry, clean, smooth non-porous surfaces such as glass, mirrors, glossy plastic, glazed ceramic tiles, etc. Our suction cups are design-engineered to hold in extreme temperatures ranging from -20F (-29C) to 120F (49C), but should initially be applied in temperatures above 40F (4C). Do not attempt to mount feeder on a frosted window pane. Ensure mounting surface is clean, warm, and dry. Always test suction cups before adding seed. Fill feeder with correct amount of seed (please do not attempt to overfill) Specifications Width 15.5 in. Height 6.25 in. Deep 3.75 in. Capacity 5 cups Opening Size 3.75 in Construction Acrylic Mounting Suction cups, provided Birds that use this feeder Cardinals, Bluebirds, Downy Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Finches, Goldfinches, Nuthatches, Redpolls, Song Sparrows, Titmice and Siskins. Seed or Feed Options Black oil sunflower seed mix with sunflower and white proso milet Origin Country USA

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