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Deluxe Handheld Hummingbird Feeder Kit- Everything You Need with Nectar Shaker

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Product Description

  • Everything You Need to Feed Hummingbirds From Your Hand In One Convenient Package!
  • Easy to Fill and Clean Feeders
  • Includes Easy-to-Follow Instructions For Hand-Feeding and Making and Storing Nectar
  • Bright Familiar Colors Help Attract Hungry Hummingbirds
  • Small Feeder Design and Included Nectar Make and Store Container Means Little or No Waste

Everything you need to start feeding Hummingbirds from the palm of your hand is now available in one package! This deluxe set makes the perfect starter kit, but is unique enough for the seasoned birder. Give the all-in-one kit as a fun and original gift or treat yourself and your Hummingbirds to a memorable feeding experience! Everything you need to hand-feed Hummingbirds, including: 1 Songbird Essentials Super Shaker Nectar Maker 2 Nectar DOTS feeders with detailed instruction card 1 4 oz bottle of First Nature Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate (makes 16 oz of nectar) 1 Port Brush Now you can hand-feed Hummingbirds with Nectar DOTS! Each DOT holds a quarter ounce, or 1/2 Tablespoon, of nectar. Simply fill the DOT with nectar and place near an existing Hummingbird feeder. After you notice the Hummingbirds using the Nectar DOT, stand near the existing feeder and hold the Nectar DOT in your hand. Once the Hummingbirds have gotten use to feeding from your hand you may move to your chosen location. Preparing Your Waste-Free Nectar: Pour the entire contents of the 4 oz First Nature Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate into the Super Shaker and add enough water to reach the 16 oz measure line on the shaker bottle. Shake until thoroughly mixed together and pour into your Nectar DOTS. Store any unused nectar for fast and easy feeding next time simply by closing the lid of the Super Shaker Nectar Maker and placing the container in your refrigerator. Your Super Shaker Nectar Maker may be reused anytime you want to make your own nectar. Markings on the bottle indicate the sugar and water fill lines. Shake to mix the nectar and store any leftovers in the refrigerator! First Nature Hummingbird Nectar Concentrate: Premium concentrated formula which contains sucrose, preferred by hummingbirds over monosaccharide glucose or fructose sugars. There are no messy sugars to boil or mix and no sticky cleanup. Simply mix one part nectar to three parts water. FDA Red #40 added. Clean your Nectar DOT with mild soap and rinse thoroughly after each use. Feeder Specifications Width 1 in. Height 1 in. Deep 1 in. Nectar Capacity .25 oz. (.5 Tablespoon) Nectar Container Plastic Feeding Stations 1 Nectar filling open size 1 in. Origin Country USA

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