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10 Favorite Bird Watching Locations Across America

On any given day in the United States millions of bird lovers are outside watching birds. Not only is bird watching a fun and enjoyable hobby, it’s a great way to get outdoors and even get some exercise too. If you’re used to enjoying the birds from your own backyard, why not explore the immense beauty of nature and [...]

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​Which Birdseed is Best?

Spotting a new or rare bird perched at the backyard bird feeder is one of life’s simple joys. Not only is it fun to watch the various birds come by for a visit, but feeding our feathered friends also helps sustain them when inclement weather makes foraging difficult. More than 50 million people in the [...]

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CHARMing Goldfinches

                                         CHARMing Goldfinches!   American Goldfinches are some of the most recognizable, friendly birds in the avian world. With their bright color and bouncy behavior, it is no wonder why a group of Goldfinches is known as [...]

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​Top 5 Bird Feeding Fails

Feeding the birds is a fun way to get to know the native birds in your area. The JCs Wildlife Team has put together five “feeding fails” to avoid. Read on for insider tips on keeping your birds happy and healthy! 1. Dirty Feeders A clean feeder equals happy birds! Sadly, a not so clean [...]

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February is National Bird Feeding Month!

In celebration of National Bird Feeding Month, we are collecting all of our best tips and tricks and sharing them with you! Look for this badge for the best updates and information focused on feeding our fine feathered friends:Want to get started now?You don't have to wait! Check out these old gems we have dusted [...]

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January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Have you heard?January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day!In our line of work we see little love for the poor rodents we call squirrels. Yet, consider the plight of the little critters-- they are an unending source of entertainment and in return we shut them down every chance we get.This poor little guy just isn't feeling [...]

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10 Must-Have Gifts for the Bird Lover

Searching for the perfect gift for that special bird enthusiast in your life? Show them how much you care with a gift any bird lover would love to receive!The Team at JCs Wildlife has put together a list of ten birding gifts ideal for any occasion. Read on for recommendations on everything from classic birdhouses, pest proof [...]

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Celebrate Earth Day with JCs Wildlife!

Nothing says Happy Earth Day better than committing to Go Green. Now you and your feathered friends can Go Green (and Red, and Yellow, and Blue....) with our Recycled Poly Lumber products made right here in our workshop!

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Bye-Bye, Birdie!

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird: Arrives in Western U.S. in late March to May to breed and then returns to Central Mexico and Guatemala in late September and October. Magnificent Hummingbird: Breeds almost soley in Southeast Arizona and spends the rest of the year throughout Mexico and Central America. Black-Chinned Hummingbird: Starts migrating from Western Mexico to the Southern U.S. [...]

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