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10 Must-Have Gifts for the Bird Lover

Searching for the perfect gift for that special bird enthusiast in your life? Show them how much you care with a gift any bird lover would love to receive!The Team at JCs Wildlife has put together a list of ten birding gifts ideal for any occasion. Read on for recommendations on everything from classic birdhouses, pest proof [...]

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Celebrate Earth Day with JCs Wildlife!

Nothing says Happy Earth Day better than committing to Go Green. Now you and your feathered friends can Go Green (and Red, and Yellow, and Blue....) with our Recycled Poly Lumber products made right here in our workshop!

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Bye-Bye, Birdie!

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird: Arrives in Western U.S. in late March to May to breed and then returns to Central Mexico and Guatemala in late September and October. Magnificent Hummingbird: Breeds almost soley in Southeast Arizona and spends the rest of the year throughout Mexico and Central America. Black-Chinned Hummingbird: Starts migrating from Western Mexico to the Southern U.S. [...]

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Time to Go Batty!

Check out our selection of Bat Houses!

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The Best, Most Nutrient Rich Wild Bird Food

For being such tiny creatures, birds have a lot to offer. Not only do they keep those creepy crawly insects at bay, but they are also the true and original musicians of the world. Birds rely on bird feeders to get the nutrients they need to make it through those long, cold winters and we [...]

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A Study In Feeder Capacity

Of all the questions I get asked, feeder capacity has to be the number one subject. So popular is this topic that I have dedicated an entire blog entry to comparing feeders and what capacity means about a feeder’s functionality. Read on for a glorious display of charts, tables, and graphics that will lay it all out.First, [...]

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Can Your Garden Attract the Birds You Love?

The countdown for spring has begun (for me, it started the first time the thermometer plunged below freezing)! It isn’t too early to start planning for your garden. Put your yard to work this year by growing the plants that attract your favorite birds. Read on for a list of popular backyard birds and the plants they [...]

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Fascinating Humming Bird Facts for the Avid Bird Watcher

If you are an avid bird watcher, your collection of feeders will not be complete until you have invested in hummingbird feeders. At JC’s Wildlife, we have an assortment of different hummingbird feeders, including feeders that attach right to your window. Hummingbirds are beautiful and fascinating little creatures. Brightly colored and incredibly light, we can [...]

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