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Late Winter Birdfeeding

February is National Birdfeeding Month in the US.  And with winter being the hardest time for birds to find food, what better time to fill up the feeders and start attracting birds to your yard?  However, how do you know which is the best feeder?  Which seed is best? Where should you put the feeder [...]

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Keep Your Pets Busy Outside for Hours With Our Outdoor Toys and Games

We love the outdoors and we know our customers do too. That is why we specialize in bringing nature to your backyard. From wild bird feeders to outdoor patio decor, we are committed to helping our customers create a beautiful outdoor environment that is also appealing and safe for curious wildlife. Not only do we [...]

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Which Wild Bird Food Is Best for Your Backyard Friends?

Feeding your local wild birds is great entertainment for the whole family, and it can be beneficial for your bird friends. You'll want to make sure you are choosing a bird food that's healthy for your bird friends to make sure you aren't causing any harm to local wildlife. Here are some tips for picking [...]

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Now is the Ideal Time to Set Up Your Wild Bird Feeders

While many people enjoy feeding their backyard birds year round, it isn't necessary. Taking a break from feeding birds in the summertime is good for birds, as it makes them use their natural foraging habits to find the sustenance that they need. Now that temperatures are dropping, though, this is the perfect time to get [...]

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Protect your Beautiful Birds with a Bird House from JCs Wildlife!

Fall is finally here! The leaves are falling and the birds are chirping. Start viewing the birds you love with the help of JCs Wildlife. At JCs Wildlife, you will be able to find all of the outdoor decor you need to keep your neighborhood birds happy and coming back. You can choose from many [...]

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Enjoy Hummingbirds with an Antique Glass Feeder!

Depending on where you live, you can experience some great wildlife! If you live anywhere near the Rocky Mountains, then you probably have seen hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are cute birds that seem to float effortlessly in the air. They are very curious birds that come in a variety of bright colors including blue, yellow, green and [...]

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Watch Birds with Binoculars and Birdcams

Don’t let summer pass you by without spoiling your neighborhood wildlife with food, protection and water. If you love to watch the birds from the porch at your house with binoculars and birdcams, you’ve come to the right place. At JCs Wildlife, our focus is to supply you with the products you need, so that [...]

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Barn Owls Keep Agricultural Destroying Rodents and Pests AwayIf you’re a grape grower and own a vineyard than you already know that your vineyard attracts rodents in troves. What you may not realize is that grape growers in particular utilize barn owls to manage pest problems more than any other agricultural group. California alone has [...]

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View Birds in a Different Light--Birdcams and Binoculars

How do you want to live your life? If you love the great outdoors but you are graced with the joys of living in a dainty and homey suburb of a city, bring nature to your backyard! With all of the products we have available at JCs Wildlife, we are positive that you will make [...]

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Spoil Birds and Squirrels Around your Home with Stylish and Cute Bird Feeders

Spring is nearly over and summer is on its way. With this being what is in our near future, have you thought about giving your springtime birds the summer home of their dreams? At JCs Wildlife we feature many different wild bird houses, brome bird feeders, hummingbird feeders and more to make any bird feel at [...]

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