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Toysmith 4M Table Top Robot 5576


Learn about the wonder of robotics with the 4M Table Top Robot. The Table Top Robot is a hands-on science toy kit that teaches the basics of robotics by constructing a working robot crab. When activated, the robot crab scuttles under its own power and...

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4M Crystal Mining Kit


HANDS ON LEARNING: This educational kit allows young mineral hunters to dig for their very own crystals, using the kit's digging tool to unearth treasures from a tough plaster "rock".CHALLENGE IMAGINATIONS: Children and adults alike can explore...

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Toysmith 4M Glow Stars


Let stars illuminate your room with 4M Glow Stars. Turn your normal ceilings and walls into a magically starry night with these glow in the dark stars. After installing, simply expose to any light source for several minutes, turn out the lights, sit...

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Toysmith 4M Magnetic Tile Art 4563


Explore the fun of arts and crafts with the 4M Magnetic Tile Art set. Create works of art, attach them to tiles and apply magnets to hang them on any metal surface. This magnetic tile art set includes tiles, magnets, a paint strip and brush. Tiles make...

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Toysmith 4M Magic Kit 3424


 TEACH CHILDREN ABOUT SPACE: The Solar System Planetarium set teaches children about the wonders of the solar system. Just assemble, paint and learn.KIT INCLUDES: This set includes planets, stencils, squeeze glow paint pen, rods, string, a...

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Toysmith 4M Glow Planets & Nova Stars 3730


Stick them on the walls and fill your room with glowing planets and nova stars. Expose them to a light source for a minute. Turn off the light and watch them glow. They will glow like magic in the darkness. Recharge them and they will glow again and...

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Toysmith Our Garden Deluxe Root Viewer 28912


Watch root systems grow with the Toysmith Deluxe Root Viewer. This deluxe root viewer lets you see how vegetables grow and serves as a great year-round indoor experiment for all ages. The kit includes an 9-inch x 11.5-inch clear plastic planter with...

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Toysmith 4M Toy Science Newton's Cradle 31883


Teach children about the wonders of physics with the Toysmith Newton's Cradle. The Newton's Cradle teaches principles of physics in a fun, hands-on way. Pull back the polished steel ball on one end and let it fall. When it hits, it transfers its energy...

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