Bird Feeder Accessories

JCs Wildlife offers everything you need to hang, mount, or protect your bird feeder to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come! Whether you need a new bird feeder pole, baffle, mounting plate, s-hook, or a roof for your bird feeder, this is the best place to find what you're looking for. 

Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Rain Guard


Use this Mr. Bird Rain Guard to protect your cylinder feeders and seed treats from rain, snow, and all but the largest meteors. All bird seed needs to be kept dry to prevent mold and germination so use this Rain Guard for healthy happy birds. The Rain...

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Heritage Farms (Kay Home Products)

Audubon/Woodlink Torpedo Squirrel Baffle NATORPEDO


This squirrel baffle is made of powder-coated steel. Includes coupler for mounting to any pole 1/2" to 3/8" in diameter. Torpedo baffle is 6-inch in diameter. Pole mount squirrel baffle below feeder about 4 to 5 ft above the ground with included coupler...

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Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Cylinder Feeder - Green


This attractive hunter green Cylinder Feeder was designed for our small cylinders, but easily holds all cylinders including 172s. Simply slide the cylinder over the top of the feeder and you're ready to hang! Large bottom rings allow non-clinging birds...

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JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Large Poly Weather Cover

As low as $30.99

Have you ever wanted a simple roof to hang over your favorite bird feeder or house to help keep snow or rain from ruining the seed or evicting your house guests? This JCs Wildlife Large Poly Weather Cover might be just the ticket! Our medium sized...

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