National Park Week and Earth Day 2018 | JCs Wildlife

Posted by Amanda Joest on 20th Apr 2018

If you love the great outdoors, or even if you simply believe that we should take care of this one planet we were given, mark your calendars. National Park Week 2018 is April 21-29 and Earth Day is April 22.National Park Week, sponsored by the National Park Service, celebrates America’s natural spaces and the history and culture behind them. The theme for 2018 is “Park Stars”. Stars of all kinds will be honored throughout the week, whether they are part of your favorite constellation or a
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10 Favorite Bird Watching Locations Across America

Posted by Amanda Joest on 24th Mar 2017

On any given day in the United States millions of bird lovers are outside watching birds. Not only is bird watching a fun and enjoyable hobby, it’s a great way to get outdoors and even get some exercise too. If you’re used to enjoying the birds from your own backyard, why not explore the immense beauty of nature and head out on a Birdwatching Vacation this year? The following are some of the hottest birdwatching locations in America.1. Southeastern Arizona  Arizona has dozens of nota
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