Suet Bird Feeders

Your feathered friends need to pack a lot of energy into just a few bites. One of the best ways to help them do that is by offering nutrient-rich suet! Our selection of Suet Bird Feeders are perfect for Woodpeckers and other Clinging Birds. These suet feeders will hold any standard sized suet cake as well as Mr. Bird Small Seed Cakes. JCs Wildlife also offers Suet Log Jammers for the specialty suet log jammer feeder which Woodpeckers love!


Brome Squirrel Buster Suet Bird Feeder 1106


The Squirrel Buster Suet is TRULY SQUIRREL PROOF! The weight of an adult squirrel automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed but not harming the squirrels in any way. Also effective on large birds. All materials exposed to squirrels...

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Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials Suet Saver Feeder, SE902


The Suet Saver Feeder by Songbird Essentials is made from plastic with metal cage on the bottom. It saves your suet cake up to 1000% longer or more. Chickadees, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers will love this feeder because they can fly in upside down. This...

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