Tube Seed Feeders

Keep an eye on your feathered friends and your seed level with our selection of Tube Seed Feeders! Popular among Clinging and Songbirds, tube feeders are known to attract some of the most desirable birds to your yard. These bird feeders are sure to attract birds to your yard. Be sure to fill these feeders with some high quality seed! 

Bird Quest 17 in Spiral Finch Feeder, Yellow


17.5 in. Yellow Thistle Spiral Feeder. Consumers & birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders! More ports means more birds. Birds love to "Run The Spiral" instead of flying to another perch. Lifetime warranty on workmanship and...

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Aspects Bird Feeders

Aspects Quick-Clean Big Tube 420 - Brass


Aspects Quick-Clean Big Tube Brass Die-Cast top and perches Special Perches made for Cardinals Seed ports feature generous perching areas and a wider feeding opening MADE IN THE USA! The Quick-Clean Big Tube seed feeder by...

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