USPS Update

As a lot of people are aware, us and many other small businesses are facing a huge problem this year related to the USPS system.
We ship out thousands of packages in a normal year, but of course, our volume has really exploded this year. For many of our lighter, smaller products, there is no easier way to ship them than using the USPS system. We are still selling these products that would ship using USPS First Class method, but there is a "Expect Shipping Delay" warning noting that these products are likely to take 3-4 weeks to arrive because of USPS delays. 
Over the last week, our customer service team began to be flooded with "where's my package" emails and phone calls - and also requests for refunds since their packages "seemed to be lost." Normally, we can check the tracking number and locate the package for the customer and assure them that it was indeed on its way, but this year we are seeing many packages with no location scans beyond our initial shipment from our warehouse. 
Just yesterday, our USPS representative informed us that packages we shipped the week of 11/30 had been sitting in a USPS building for 2 weeks and had just now started leaving that location as of 12/12. With that being said, our smaller and lighter products are still available for purchase on our website as of now, but with a shipping warning on the product pages. If these products that ship via First Class USPS are purchased with other larger products that will be shipped using UPS or FedEx, our shipping team will combine those packages to ensure that full orders are being received in a timely manner. 
Additionally, we've been told that packages shipped directly from Amazon are getting top priority and are being shipped as normal, leaving small businesses and individuals to face major delays this holiday season.
We do not in any way blame any of the hardworking postal employees because we know they are working as hard and as diligently as they can. Instead, this is a systemic problem and it's affecting small business owners all over the country.
We hope that our customers understand our concern as we strive to get orders out as efficiently as possible. 
Thank you and Happy Holidays,
JCs Wildlife