Wind Chimes

Our selection of Wind Chimes not only look pretty, they are masterfully tuned to sound just as beautiful as they look! These many chimes will make wonderful music as they blow delightfully in the wind. Whether you're looking for your cute, everyday wind chime or a high quality masterfully tuned chime, you'll find everything you're looking for in this Wind Chime section. Choose between the major brands of Woodstock Chimes and Music of the Spheres. 

Music of the Spheres Westminster Wind Chime W

$299.99 $281.20

Music of the Spheres Westminster Wind Chime. Want to listen before you buy? Visit the manufacturer website here! Materials & Construction High quality materials, exacting tolerances and methodical assembly protocols ensure lasting quality and...

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Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Reflections Serenity Prayer WRSP


Get serene with a classic style Woodstock Chime - prayer and flower detail. This chime offers a soothing mix of tones combined with an inspirational message on the windcatcher. Features the "Serenity Prayer" silkscreened on the windcatcher,...

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Music of the Spheres Nashville Tenor Wind Chime


Music of the Spheres' symphonic quality chimes, precision tuned, sing with a rich, lyrical blend of tones that resonate not simply in the Ear, but in the soul. Their elegant design features central tube suspension with with smoothly polished tube ends to...

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