Birds depend on us humans to help them survive winter, especially during periods of lots of snow and low temperatures. Don't forget to put out plenty of bird food so they can keep up their strength and body heat. Bird feeders, suet cakes, log jammers, and even a pine cone with peanut butter and bird seed will help them maintain their weight during the cold season. At JCs Wildlife, we offer a wide selection of wild bird food, as well as other pet food online.

Songbird Essentials

Songbird Essentials Butterfly Nectar and Feeder


Butterfly Feeder and Nectar by Songbird Essentials Designed and tested by a butterfly breeder, this easy to assemble feeder in red and yellow and the included nectar mixture will attract beautiful butterflies to your garden.  The feeder has a 6oz...

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Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Seed Frosty Snowman


This is a wonderful item from Mr. Bird.! It is titled 'Frosty Snowman Bird Seed Feeder Bird'. This piece is just perfect, the Snowman in the form of seeds is great. A terrific item to give as a gift or for yourself...

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Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird Wildfeast Seed Wreath


Solid seed, nut, and fruit wreath that is almost to good to give to the birds. Wreath measures 9" in diameter.  Because the birds love it, you will love it. Attracts a wide variety of birds to your yard! This bird seed wreath is a great gift idea...

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Pine Tree Farms

Pine Tree Farms Suet Variety 12 Pack Log Jammers


Pine Tree Farms offers crumble resistant suet that can be used to attract a wide variety of birds. This suet can be used year round and offers birds a great source of energy. Pine Tree Farms Log Jammers make great refills for Log Feeders that offer suet...

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