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At JCs Wildlife we have our very own workshop (right here, in Southern Indiana!) where we turn out handmade, quality products. Many of our poly lumber, wood and acrylic products are made in our shop. We put thought and research into each Bird House, Nesting Box, and Feeder we design and build to fulfill the specific needs of each animal. A lot of our JCs Wildlife Brand products are made using recycled poly lumber material that makes our products top quality.

JCs Wildlife brand products are items we use in our own yards and are built to last.   


JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Barn Owl Nesting Box


Looking for a natural pest control solution? Install a Barn Owl Box to help alleviate that pesky pest problem.  The entrance hole of the JCs Wildlife Barn Owl Nesting Box is elliptical in shape to provide protection from predators including...

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JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Ultimate Squirrel House Nesting Box

As low as $155.50

Welcome to the Nut House! Invite your backyard's nuttiest creatures to move into their very own squirrel condo. The wording on the front says it all, it's the Nut House. This handmade squirrel house will keep the furry inhabitants entertained and safe at...

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JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Large Ground Fly Thru Bird Feeder

As low as $80.99

The JCs Wildlife Large Ground Fly Thru Bird Feeder will attract a wide variety of birds to your yard or garden. The removable tray makes cleaning this ground bird feeder even easier! The fly thru ground feeder will add a pop of color to your...

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JCs Wildlife

JCs Wildlife Recycled Suet Feeder w/ Tail Prop

As low as $26.99

NATURAL DESIGN: Natural colors attract a variety of birds HELPS BIRDS BALANCE: Tail prop helps larger suet feeding birds like woodpeckers balance as they feed ATTRACTS A VARIETY OF BIRDS: Can be used by a variety of bird species HAND-MADE AND...

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